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No-Code Tech Summit

Meet our Speaker

Unyime Tommy
Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Assurdly

Unyime Tommy (QA)

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Assurdly.

Unyime Sarah Tommy is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Assurdly.

With her team, Unyime brings over 25 years of combined experience across diverse sectors (including banking, logistics, education, recruitment, entertainment, and insurance financial services).

As a seasoned professional, Unyime excels in software quality assurance, program and project management, and compliance.

Her passion for innovation, unwavering commitment to excellence, and vast expertise drive success and transformation within organisations, ensuring top-notch products and optimal ROI.

Unyime’s mission is empowering businesses and executive teams with valuable insights and practical solutions in building their digital products.

Biggest No-Code Conference

The second edition of the largest gathering of non technical individuals working in tech across Africa to learn, connect, network, and hold meaningful conversations