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No-Code Tech Summit

Meet our Speaker

Tosin Adeshina_

Tosin Adesina

Senior Sales and partnership manager, Big Cabal Media

Tosin Adesina is a seasoned Sales and Partnership Expert renowned for a proven track record in driving substantial business growth, revenue enhancement, and strategic business development. Possessing exceptional proficiency in both oral and written communication, Tosin excels in the domains of relationship management, intricate problem-solving, and strategic planning. Their distinguished reputation is founded on a consistent history of delivering tangible, quantifiable results, with a specialized focus on optimizing existing business ventures and incubating new ones. Drawing from a wealth of experience in operational excellence, Tosin’s forte lies in facilitating seamless cross-functional collaboration to attain paramount organizational objectives. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to innovative strategies and an indisputable ability to navigate the intricate landscape of business success, Tosin Adesina stands as a highly sought-after authority in the realms of sales, partnerships, and strategic business development.

Biggest No-Code Conference

The second edition of the largest gathering of non technical individuals working in tech across Africa to learn, connect, network, and hold meaningful conversations