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No-Code Tech Summit

Meet our Speaker


Oche Writes

Content Marketing Trainer

Oche Writes is a reputable content marketing trainer, renowned for his exceptional prowess in empowering entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and business owners to create content that builds a global brand.

With an illustrious track record, Oche Writes has cemented his reputation as an influential figure within the content marketing landscape. His extensive expertise has guided countless creatives and brands towards harnessing the potential of strategic content creation to build and fortify their brand identities.

Notably recognized as a Top 200 LinkedIn Creator Worldwide, Oche Writes commands a substantial following exceeding 100,000 dedicated enthusiasts. This testament to his thought leadership underscores his capacity to captivate, inspire, and educate audiences from across the globe.

Biggest No-Code Conference

The second edition of the largest gathering of non technical individuals working in tech across Africa to learn, connect, network, and hold meaningful conversations