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Meet our Speaker

Ifeoma Martins
COO, CareerBuddy

Ifeoma Martins

COO, CareerBuddy

Ifeoma is a strategic business leader with a remarkable track record in the recruitment industry.With a career spanning over 8 years, she has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership, strategic insight, and operational excellence.

Ifeoma possesses a profound understanding of the recruitment landscape within the African continent. She has overseen large-scale recruitment projects, enabling companies to identify, attract, and retain top-tier talent. Her expertise in this field extends to diverse industries.

Notably, Ifeoma has a proven ability to foster collaborative and high-performing teams. She has successfully built and led cross-functional teams, resulting in outstanding client satisfaction, and revenue growth.

Ifeoma is currently the Chief Operating Officer at CareerBuddy – A talent solutions company for Startups & Scale ups in Africa and the Middle East. She has a BBA from University of CapeCoast, Ghana and an eMBA from Quantic School of Business & Technology, USA.

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