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No-Code Tech Summit

Meet our Speaker

Elizabeth Okaome
DevRel Community Manager, Interswitch

Elizabeth Okaome

Developer Ecosystem Executive, Interswitch

Elizabeth Okaome is an advocate for women in Tech who is passionate about getting women in tech, with over 7 years experience as a community manager/builder in the Tech Ecosystem.​

As a result of her passion for women in tech, she founded Empower Her Community, a community that grooms women in tech skills, mentors, and pairs them with opportunities. Empower Her Community was founded in 2021 and currently has over 6000 women in 75 countries across the world.​ ​

She started off her community management career by volunteering to organise tech events and being involved in building these communities. ​Her current volunteering roles include Organiser at Google Developers Group Benin the largest tech community in Benin. A lead at Google Women Tech makers Benin City.​

Elizabeth joined Interswitch Group as the Developer Relations Community Manager where she fosters relationships between external and internal developers at Interswitch to enhance revenue growth and customer satisfaction, she grew the community by over 500% in 9 months.

She currently leads developer Ecosystem. Elizabeth has a knack for building from scratch and she believes in giving everyone equal opportunities

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