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No-Code Tech Summit

Meet our Speaker

Deji Sarumi

Deji Sarumi

Chief Fixer, Tech Hive Advisory Africa

Deji is the Chief Fixer at Tech Hive Advisory Africa who leads the firm’s strategy and execution drive. He is also a policy adviser and analyst who has made recommendations to legislative processes, reviewed legislations and published policy briefs on the intersection of law, business and technology. He is passionate about digital transformation and digital ethics. He has lead teams in the implementation of global privacy frameworks for organisations. He has provided support to global entities on best practices and standards on data protection and compliance. In addition, his team has been responsible for championing governance for SMEs and a policy intelligence mapping tool for startups. Deji has a strong bias for startups, whom he considers a vital part of any economic ecosystem. He has advised several successful startup ventures in Nigeria and also participated in funding exercises/rounds. He has done a remarkable body of work in the startup advisory space, working with a plethora of innovative startups across the continent. He is also leading the Tech Hive team, working as an ecosystem partner on the Nigerian Startup Act.

Biggest No-Code Conference

The second edition of the largest gathering of non technical individuals working in tech across Africa to learn, connect, network, and hold meaningful conversations